Fits ALL shopping carts

The first and only organizer for all your reusable bags

that hooks on the front of any shopping cart.

The perfect gift for any shopper!

The GreenKeeper is an Original Product, Designed and Distributed exclusively by GreenKeeper Bag

All Rights belong to GreenKeeper Bag and are protected by Patent Pending laws

There is no place else on Earth to find this product

GreenKeeper Bag, Headquarters 5038 N. Calabasas Parkway #800, Calabasas, CA 91302

818 231-3460 (Please email for fastest responses to your inquiries)

Keep your trunk and your life organized!

Never trap your bags under your groceries again

You're grocery bagger will love you for it

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For $19.99 each GreenKeeper comes with 3 trendy reusable bags!



GreenKeeper Bag


Don't go shopping without it!