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Each GreenKeeper comes with these 3 reusable bags:

Directions - Advice - Warnings

The GreenKeeper Case is created exclusively for the containment and transport of reusable bags.  It is not intended to be filled with anything else. Use of your GreenKeeper to hold or carry other items may cause premature wear and tear.  Do not fill with groceries.


The GreenKeeper's unique hook design makes it universal, fitting on the exterior of any shopping cart.  Use caution when hooking onto fabrics to avoid any damage to the fabric itself.  Do not manipulate or bend the hooks as this could cause breakage.


The 4 recycled compressed cardboard inserts, which are used to create the GreenKeeper's 4 firm panels, should be kept dry.  Getting the GreenKeeper wet will subject the panels to deform and weaken.



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GreenKeeper Bag


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